Tourist road of the Ruta de Las Flores is rehabilitated

The Ministry of Public Works handed over 44 kilometers of rehabilitated road that correspond to the Ruta de Las Flores, which includes between the departments of Ahuachapán and Sonsonate. The work was done with an investment of $8.7 million, from the Road Conservation Fund (FOVIAL), in which the highway that connects the municipalities of Sonsonate, Izalco, Nahuizalco, Juayúa, Salcoatitán, Apaneca, Ataco and Ahuachapán was intervened.

The Minister of Public Works, Romeo Rodriguezexplained that, with the investment and the work carried out, the Government of President Bukele is demonstrating that taxes are transformed into works for the people, since they will directly benefit more than 18,000 drivers who travel through the sector daily and to the more than 109,000 tourists who visit the tourist area during the vacation period.

“Through infrastructure projects we are generating dozens of direct and indirect jobs through construction. The same public work generates benefits, which by not having a damaged street encourages commerce, tourism, in this case the Ruta de Las Flores and boosts the local economy and the economy of the different families”, said the head of Public Works.

Similarly, he assured that there are 44 kilometers that have been rehabilitated of the roads that comprise the Ruta de Las Flores, in which there are 187 tourist companies: 129 restaurants, 45 accommodation who are benefited with these projects that boost the economy and local tourism.

The director of FOVIAL, Alex Beltránexplained that the project includes two sections of Sonsonate-Juayúa and Concepción de Ataco-Ahuachapán, where the asphalt layer was rehabilitated, the drainage system was built and the shoulders of the street were improved.

“It is not about putting on one more layer, but a total rehabilitation; In other words, from the base, we are not only providing a road for drivers, who are on average 18,000 per day, but also improving conditions for pedestrians who use the street. There are parts of the shoulders that are being improved and conditions are being included on the sides”, manifested.

The Government is working on other road infrastructure works in the western part of the country, such as the sections of kilometer 5 from Acajutla to La Hachadura, where 43 kilometers are intervened; in Santa Isabel Ishuatán to Acajutla, which is 22 kilometers; the construction of the bridge in La Hachadura, with an investment of $32 million; as well as the rehabilitation of 228 kilometers of road has been completed.

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