Towards the right to vote at 16? For Clément Beaune, "no track should be overlooked"

The Secretary of State for European Affairs declares himself personally “rather in favor” of lowering the right to vote.

Lowering the right to vote to 16? Secretary of State for European Affairs Clément Beaune is relaunching the debate on Wednesday, in an interview with L’Opinion.

“We must put this idea in the debate for the presidential election. No track should be neglected”, declares the secretary of state daily, saying in a personal capacity “rather favorable”.

“Moreover, a trans-partisan parliamentary mission is working, in particular, on the extension of this right”, indicates Clément Beaune.

Fight abstention

“But it should not be a gimmick. We must first mobilize 18-25 year olds who already have the right to vote. And then expand this right. (…) There is no recipe. It would be a miracle to say that we will solve the problem of young people’s interest in politics by lowering the voting age, that would be an easy task, ”analyzes the enarque.

“We believe that young people can get involved, take responsibility, vote. We should not get locked into the question of what Napoleon or de Gaulle would have done”, rejected Clément Beaune, ruling out the fact of lower this age for only certain ballots.

“If we do, it must be valid for all elections. From the moment you think that the spirits are ripe, formed, I do not see why you would discriminate according to the level”, slice the Secretary of State.

A measure already mentioned by Macron

During his mandate, Emmanuel Macron had already mentioned the lowering of the voting age. In 2019, during an interview with YouTuber Hugo Travers, the Head of State said he was not “opposed” to this measure.

“I am ready to advance on the 16-18”, he had indicated, but he had conditioned this evolution so that the 18-25 years old, age group where the rate of abstention is particularly high, go “to saturate all vote counters “.

Last March, a column published in the Sunday newspaper, signed by a hundred elected officials and as many young people, pleaded for the establishment of the right to vote at 16 in municipal elections.

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