Townscape maintenance: Kulturhof: Anger about graffiti and the Bottrop townscape

The first graffiti has appeared on the newly designed Kulturhof. District politicians are annoyed and want faster intervention.

Now it has also hit the newly designed Kulturhof. The first sprayers have immortalized themselves on the anthracite-colored ventilation openings on the square. A lettering “Kulturzentrum August Everding” mounted there has already lost a few letters. District mayor Klaus Kalthoff (SPD) and district representative Karl-Heinz Hulisz (Greens) are annoyed by such ruthlessness.

In general, Hulisz would like faster intervention and tougher action in the case of graffiti in the city. He suggested offering a reward for tips on polluters. He also wants to have certain trouble spots officially designed by graffiti artists. Other cities have had good experiences there, says Hulisz, referring to the neighboring city of Gladbeck. In order to remove graffiti quickly, one could perhaps also train municipal employees, because the longer such graffiti remain, the more would be added.

The city of Bottrop should have areas specifically designed by sprayers

The youth parliament made a first effort here with the design of the junction boxes. And in fact there is a corresponding push on the part of the Mitte district council. There they are planning to have the wall at the Jahnstadion designed to form the Harald-Lubina-Weg. However, they are still waiting for a corresponding offer from a sprayer that they have contacted, says Kalthoff. But they will now actually ask Gladbeck again and get contacts. Hulisz is convinced that this will take the wind out of the sails of illegal sprayers and at the same time get a foothold in the scene. His idea: Why not take motifs from the Bottrop leisure industry, which could then also pay for the costs.

The problem: it’s not just urban areas that are affected. The multi-storey car park on Böckenhoffstrasse is also smeared over a large area. This is privately owned, the owner should take action. But here, too, Hulisz would like to see more initiative from the city. Bottrop lacks a city management with more powers. His impression: there are sometimes many responsibilities within the administration, many things take a long time and are divided between different departments.

Request for detailed design regulations for Bottroper City

Here, too, he recommends looking towards Gladbeck or Dorsten. In his opinion, things are better organized there. In Bottrop, city management is linked to economic development. The investigation into the structure and realignment of this department is currently underway. Kalthoff recommends Hulisz to influence the green parliamentary group. Because that is now a topic for the council and not for the districts.

The Green also wants a design statute for the city of Bottrop, which also has an eye on the furnishing of the outdoor gastronomy. Role model for him: Dorsten, which adopted a cityscape and a corresponding brochure with explanations. Even if Kalthoff does not agree with Hulisz on all points – they agree that something needs to be done in the city center and in the maintenance of the city.

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