TPMP: Benjamin Castaldi makes a nice statement to Cyril Hanouna (VIDEO)

It was time to take stock in Do not touch My TV for the last of the season, this Thursday, June 23. Benjamin Castaldi took the opportunity to thank Cyril Hanouna for his unconditional support.

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Do not touch My TV celebrated its last of the season, this Thursday, June 23. For the occasion, Cyril Hanouna and his accomplices made an entrance worthy of the Rio carnival on a float with dancers and musicians. The host teased a big announcement about the future of the show, which will air on the channel until 2026. He also resurrected his famous bluff booth. Bigflo and Oli, or TJ Jackson, the nephew of Michaël Jackson, had agreed to play the game. The troublemaker of C8 also tried to reconcile Matthieu Delormeau and Fabrice Di Vizio and Gilles Verdez and Gilles Favard. In vain for the latter!

Benjamin Castaldi sends a little message to Cyril Hanouna in TPMP : “It’s very moving for me to be by your side”

Cyril Hanouna asked his columnists to take stock of the past year. Delphine Wespiser, Géraldine Maillet and Guillaume Genton had prepared short tribute texts for their boss for the occasion. Benjamin Castaldi made a touching statement to the host. If the two men regularly quarrel on the set of the show, the father of Julien and Simon stressed that he liked these sometimes muscular exchanges. “People often ask me: ‘Do you like it when Cyril teases you?’ Not only do I like it, but it’s part of the show. And I love that. That’s how it works and frankly I love it,” he first explained. He then expressed his pleasure in replacing Cyril Hanouna on Friday. “I loved the trust you placed in me and it was very touching for me. I wanted to tell you. And I wanted to tell you how much I love you”, he dropped visibly stirred, to the applause of the public. The host, who has never hidden having lived through difficult years after his departure from TF1, continued by thanking his friend for reaching out to him. “We’ve known each other for seven years. It’s been seven years since you held out your hand to me when no one else held it out to me. And you trust me and it’s very moving for me to be at your sides”, he concluded.

The columnist and host confided in his descent into hell

Last October, Benjamin Castaldi confided in his descent into hell and how the world of television had turned his back on him. “I was at rock bottom. The phone no longer rings, there’s no longer a call, there’s no more lunch. The people you thought you had as buddies no longer call you and that’s very hard“, he explained then. “What’s hardest about this job, and since I’m a bit naive, I always thought people were sincere. Without falling into the cliché of saying that it’s a terrible job, there are very good encounters but there are also great disillusions”, he added.

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