TPMP: Danielle Moreau admits to falling for Thierry from Love is in the meadow!

Danièle Moreau, the columnist for Touche not at my post on C8, said she was very charmed by Thierry, the farmer who is trying his luck again this season in Love is in the meadow.

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If Thierry does not find a soul mate thanks to Love is in the meadowhe can always try his luck on the set of Do not touch My TV! This Tuesday, September 20, 2022, Cyril Hanouna presented a new number of his talk show on C8. And on the program for the evening debates, a sequence from the famous M6 dating show, dating from the day before. We saw in particular the Aveyronnais farmer giving a kiss on the mouth to one of his two suitors, the day after his arrival at the farm. Which had also earned the winemaker a little discussion with Karine Le Marchand.

It’s my favourite !

But on the set of TPMP, no question of blaming Thierry… No, it was time for compliments. Especially from Danielle Moreau, to whom he obviously caught the eye. “It’s my favourite !“, she confessed from the outset, before launching a very seductive: “Ah naughty fate, if you come I will…“, using the favorite expression of the candidate of Love is in the meadow. “Me, what I like is that, in fact, they are mature people but who react like teenagers. Because he, for example, he has hardly ever seen the wolf… So it’s so touching“, she assured. If Thierry was in front of his television last night, he now knows that he has a third contender… It remains to be seen whether he will offer her a stay on the farm!

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Danielle’s loves…

This isn’t the first time the columnist has aired her feelings for someone on set. Do not touch My TV. Last season she had a weakness for Georges Fenech, a politician also officiating on CNews. Cyril Hanouna, always anxious to help his comrades, and to make a good happening, had telephoned the lucky one. Unfortunately for Danielle Moreau, she was turned down, Georges Fenech having explained that he was already in a relationship. In order not to dwell on this failure, the host had then tried to introduce him to one of his viewers, but without more success visibly.

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