TPMP: Delphine Wespiser is annoyed after jokes about the physique of her companion (VIDEO)

Cyril Hanouna made revelations about the past of Roger, the companion of Delphine Wespiser in Do not touch My TV this Thursday, November 25. The attacks on the physique of her lover ended up annoying the former Miss France.

Delphine Wespiser is a woman in love. For several years she has shared the life of a certain Roger Erhart. “I can tell I fell in love while running”, she said about her meeting with the 55-year-old businessman. But their love affair is often the subject of a joke in Do not touch My TV, especially because of the age difference between the two lovebirds. This Thursday, November 25, Cyril Hanouna had brought out his famous “pookie box”. And a columnist took the opportunity to make a revelation about Roger, who greatly amused his comrades.

Roger is a former stripper and model

The former Miss France would have succumbed to the charms of her lover because he would be a former dancer and stripper well known in Alsace. An assertion that greatly surprised the host and made Delphine Wespiser laugh. He was a stripper, but not in my day. He was modeling, she stammered in response. The troublemaker of C8 unveiled a photo of Roger in his youth that surprised the whole talk show gang. “Is that Roger? “exclaimed Matthieu Delormeau. “He was a model for La Redoute. He took pictures and he was a stripper“, she tried to continue. “Me, I met him five years ago. So he didn’t do that anymore“, she concluded. “What happened to Roger?”, relaunched the columnist. “So Matthew, I wish you to be as handsome and as likeable as him at his age”, defended the former beauty queen. But it was Jean-Michel Maire who carried the blow, stressing that the companion of his neighbor on the plateau must have taken a truck. “We have to go through the nails “, he added, teasingly.

Delphine Wespiser defends her companion and gets annoyed

If Delphine Wespiser kept her smile for a long time and cut a good figure in the face of these reflections, she ended up putting things right. “No, but you are all starting to upset me very seriously”, she said. “I love people who criticize, look at your faces!”, she asserted, annoyed. A reflection which had the merit of calming the debates on the physique of his darling.

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