Traces of 19S; Rébsamen School, parents continue to seek justice five years after the tragedy

Mexico City.- Five years later, parents of children who died in the Enrique Rebsamen School They continue to seek justice and punishment for those responsible.

This Monday marks five years since 26 people, including 19 children, died from the fall of the Rébsamen schoolwhich had renovations outside the law, which would have caused the tragedy.


Parents of the deceased minors accuse that not all those responsible are brought to justice, since only the owner of the school, Monica Garcia Villegas, and a responsible construction manager (DRO) have been sentenced; another DRO is under process and one more is a fugitive.

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$! Footprints of 19S;  Rébsamen School, parents continue to seek justice five years after the tragedy

They accuse selective justice, since no public servant of the Tlalpan mayor’s office, headed by Claudia Sheinbaum, is in prison.


In a Twitter account managed by relatives of the victims, they reported that the memorial that was offered to them is unfinished and there is no time for it to be ready.

“The memorial was 90 percent complete in May and the disgusting head of government closed it. Enrique Rébsamen Memorial School, we would go there this September 19 to commemorate 19-S “, says the message.

“Even if you close it and abandon it, we will always disown you, Claudia Sheinbaum”add in another text.


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$! Footprints of 19S;  Rébsamen School, parents continue to seek justice five years after the tragedy

What happened at the Rébsamen school?

The 26 people who died in this place consisted of 19 children, of which the majority would be about to turn 11 years old, as well as seven adults. There were 11 students rescued alive.


The collapse of the facilities was due in large part to the department of the owner and director Mónica García Villegaz, since she had expanded and built a floor of more than 230 tons that in the end the foundations did not support.

Claudia Sheinbaum, at that time a delegate from Tlalpan, announced that she would carry out an expert opinion and stated that the City Council has nothing to do with land use. On the other hand, the Administrative Verification Institute of Mexico City (Invea) announced an illegal operation, since the owners presented a false certificate of acquired rights at the time. These complaints by Invea were filed between 2014-2015.

Currently, the director of the school is in jail with a sentence of 36 years, while the construction manager has a sentence of 208 years.


The parents, from the beginning, sought justice so that the deaths would not go unpunished, not only will they be satisfied with the arrest and sentence of Mónica García, as well as the director of works, Juan Apolillar, since they assure that former public servants are still needed.

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