Traffic accident: A3 accident near Ratingen: Police provide information on the course of events

In an accident on the A3 near Ratingen, there were some serious injuries on Sunday evening. The police have already made statements about what happened.

After a serious traffic accident on the A3 near Ratingen, the police have already given information about the course of events. According to the current status of the investigation, a 31-year-old from Wuppertal was driving his truck in the left lane in the direction of Cologne. Shortly after the Breitscheid motorway junction, the man drove into a 51-year-old woman from Cologne, who was traveling in the same lane and had to slow down due to traffic, for reasons that have not yet been clarified.

Due to the impact, her car was pushed onto another vehicle that a 33-year-old from Cologne was driving. In the accident, a 28-year-old passenger in the truck and the 51-year-old woman from Cologne were seriously injured. The suspect who caused the accident was taken to hospital with minor injuries. A total of three vehicles were involved, at times five were mentioned.

Accident on the A3: rescuers from five cities were used

Rescuers from five surrounding towns were on duty on Sunday evening. The fire brigade spoke of two “accident black spots” on the road in the direction of Cologne, which “extended over several hundred meters.”

The Ratingen fire brigade was alerted at 5:39 p.m. On site, it turned out that more emergency services were needed, who were subsequently alerted. Ultimately, in addition to the professional fire brigade and fire engines from the Breitscheid and Ratingen-Mitte volunteer fire brigades, ambulances from Ratingen, Heiligenhaus, Mettmann, Velbert and Duisburg were also deployed – and the chief emergency doctor from the Mettmann district.

The fire brigade announced that ten people had to be taken care of. Traffic was able to continue on the A3 after the accident, but only in one of the three lanes. (dae/red)

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