Traffic accident: Bochum: Driver crashes into railings and is injured

A driver crashed into a bus stop in the north of Bochum. The cause of the accident is said to have been an animal running across the street.

A motorist (30) has early Saturday morning (18) in Bochum lost control of his car and collided with the railing of a bus stop. He was slightly injured.

According to the police, the Gelsenkirchener was heading out of town on the Castroper Hellweg at around 5.40 a.m. According to the driver, an animal ran across the street immediately in front of the “Gerthe Mitte” tram stop, whereupon he steered to the right to avoid it.

Bochum police estimate property damage at around 5,000 euros

The car hit the curb and tore the railing of the station from the bracket, which shattered the window of a shop.

The car was towed. Estimated property damage: around 5000 euros.

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