Traffic turnaround in Berlin: The next neighborhood block has been decided

In our district newsletters, which have meanwhile been subscribed to around 270,000 times throughout Berlin, the week continues with Neukölln, Reinickendorf and Mitte. You can order our newsletter from these three Berlin districts, like all other district newsletters from the Tagesspiegel, here free of charge:

Julia Weiss has the following topics for you from the MITTE district (including Wedding etc.):

  • “Kiezblocks”, that is: Zones are created in Berlin’s neighborhoods, which can be driven on by cars, but cannot be driven through completely. There are also other traffic calming ideas. The “Superblocks” in Barcelona are a role model both in terms of name and approach. In the meantime, there are also some neighborhood blocks in Berlin. Now another one has been decided for the northern Luisenstadt. More on this in the newsletter, other topics this time include:
  • Christmas is in a month: tips for the Advent season in Mitte
  • “An important and visible project”: Discussion about the pedestrian zone at Hackescher Markt
  • The outhouse on Arkonaplatz is to be turned into a café
  • What’s next for Karstadt at Leopoldplatz? Public event on December 1st

Madlen Haarbach writes from NEUKÖLLN about the following topics, among others:

  • How the district office reacts to the upcoming repeat elections
  • Man attacks porter in Neukölln town hall
  • No “austerity dictate”: Why the Christmas tree at City Hall is only half as high this year
  • The women’s network in Neukölln demands the removal of the monument to “Turnvater Jahn” in Hasenheide
  • Friends of the Karlsgarten School start a fundraising campaign for the library
  • Neukölln will introduce paid parking from July 2023
  • Regulatory office found 646 traffic violations in a single day
  • Spielstraße in Anzengruberstraße awarded the German Neighborhood Prize
  • Due to technical defects: the ice rink will remain closed this year
  • Delays in housing benefit: Applicants in Neukölln have to wait the longest in Berlin
  • Exhibition in the town hall: What the Afghan women have to tell us
  • From Maybachufer to Rudow: The Christmas market overview
  • Win tickets for the premiere of the “Climate Monologues” in the home port

Lisa Erzsa Weil from REINICKENDORF reports with these topics, for example:

  • How is the district preparing for the re-election? Which issues will be important in the election campaign? Could there be new political constellations? We asked District Mayor Uwe Brockhausen (SPD).
  • Fire in refugee accommodation in the Märkisches Viertel: police assume negligent arson
  • Rollbergesiedlung will receive a district center in 2023
  • “We must not look the other way”: Niloufar O., a Reinickendorfer with Iranian roots, on the ongoing protests in the country
  • It’s getting exciting in the Ernst-Reuter-Saal: The Reinickendorf crime night is approaching
  • All my clothes are green, green, green: swapping clothes in the Quäx children’s and youth club
  • “Rock den Fuchs” goes into the second round
  • “Caroline and Wilhelm von Humboldt – their relationship and their letters”: scenic reading in the Humboldt Library
  • Last “Salon Interkulturell” for 2022 with Ares Gratal Trio

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