Tragedy in an electoral caravan in Santiago del Estero: a 9-year-old girl was run over

A girl was run over in an electoral caravan in Santiago del Estero. Source: @LuisGasulla

During a proselytizing caravan in the middle of the electoral campaign that takes place in Santiago del Estero, a woman was riding a motorcycle with a 9-year-old girl who, falling from the vehicle, was hit by a truck. The tragic accident occurred during an activity headed by the governor of Santiago del Estero, Gerardo Zamora, who minutes later expressed his regret and sent condolences to the family through social networks.

Next Sunday, August 7, mayors will be elected in 26 municipalities and 201 councilors of Santiago del Estero. In this context, Zamora led a caravan to express his support for the candidate Norma Fuentes, from the Civic Front.

While the people cheered the candidates and a line of vehicles circulated behind the central truck, a woman who was riding a motorcycle was left in the middle of several vehicles. The maneuver carried out in the middle of a small space between a truck and a van, caused her to lose control and the girl who was accompanying her lost her balance.

After falling from the motorcycle, the minor was run over by the truck that was driving next to her. Neighbors who were observing the political act filmed the dramatic moment where it is observed that despite the low speed at which all the vehicles were circulating, none of the drivers could avoid the fatal outcome.

Police sources reported that the incident occurred after 4:30 p.m., at the intersection of Roca and Pellegrini avenues, in the center of the capital of Santiago del Estero. Although the people who were in the place They tried to urgently resuscitate the victim, they were unable to do so and he died at the scene because of the serious injuries to his body.

As reported Telam Based on police information, the girl was identified as Daiara Isolina Herrera, only 9 years old. From the recorded videos, it is observed that when she fell to the ground, she was run over by the rear wheels of the truck that was next to her.

Governor Gerardo Zamora expressed his pain at the death of the girl in an electoral act.  Source: Twitter
Governor Gerardo Zamora expressed his pain at the death of the girl in an electoral act. Source: Twitter

Hours after the fatal accident, Zamora used his Twitter account to refer to the event. After sharing the information on the case, he expressed: “profound pain upon learning that an accident with tragic consequences had occurred in the caravan that we had made with the candidates of the Civic Front.”

“My sincere condolences to the relatives,” remarked the governor of Santiago del Estero, who As a result of the accident, he decided to suspend all activities related to the political campaign.

Prior to her message, the Civic Front candidate for mayor of the capital city, Norma Fuentes, used her social networks to share a statement regarding the accident. In this regard, she expressed her “profound pain for the unfortunate event that occurred on the day of the date in the framework of the closing of the campaign with a view to the electoral act of August 7.”

In addition, he stressed that “as a result of this painful and irreparable loss, we have made the decision to suspend all activity of our proselytizing campaign” out of “respect for the family, whom we accompany in their deep sorrow,” he said in his official statement.

On the other hand, the provisional president of the Senate and former governor of Santiago del Estero, Claudia Ledesma Abdala de Zamora also expressed her condolences for the death of the 9-year-old girl.

“I am devastated, as a mother I put myself in the heartbreaking and infinite pain of his family and loved ones,” she said. And she dedicated a big hug “from the depths of my heart” to the relatives of the victim since “they are suffering this irreparable loss.”

The case was left to prosecutor Rubén Alfonzo, who will determine responsibility for the accident. Local media indicated that despite her resuscitation attempts, the girl did not react, so she was transferred to the nearest hospital. However, when she arrived at the place she was already lifeless.


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