Tragedy in Berisso: what is known about the case of the 7-year-old girl who died in a pool?

The commotion continues in the region after the case of The 7-year-old girl who died after being drowned in a canvas pool. The episode shook the city of Berisso and, according to the spokespersons, the case was labeled as “investigation causes of death” and is under investigation.

The episode occurred in a house located in 132 between 7 and 8a few meters from the YPF distillery, where the girl would have suffered an epileptic attack that did not allow him to leavetriggering the fatal outcome, according to police information delivered to

According to the family’s account, her mother found her, asked for help immediately, and together with her neighbors decided to take her to the LarraĆ­n hospital before an ambulance arrived. Once there she was urgently admitted to a guard, where she was admitted in critical condition.

Unfortunately, according to the part of the paramedics who received her, the little victim had been admitted “without vital signs”. Although doctors performed CPR on him for an hour, they were unable to save his life.

From the documents presented by the family, it was learned that the minor had different episodes of epilepsy when she was 5 years old, so the doctors came to the conclusion that it could have been the reason why he could not get out of the water in time. However, it still remains to carry out the autopsy and find out the final result that corroborates the cause that led to her death.

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