Tragic fire in a Recoleta building: there are five dead and 18 injured

The fire started on the sixth floor of the building located on Avenida Córdoba and Calle Ecuador. Three minors and two adults lost their lives.

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06/23/2022 – 08:06 a.m.

A tremendous fire was registered this Thursday in a building in the porteño neighborhood of Recoleta and, due to the fact, five people died, including three minors, while another 18, including four children and a pregnant woman, were transferred to health centers in the area.

The incident began on the sixth floor of the building located on Calle Ecuador at 1000where 22 ambulances arrived to assist the victims, while firefighters protected one major and two minors who were on the balcony of the aforementioned floor.

“There are five fatalities, there are three minors and two adults, we don’t have the ages,” confirmed the head of SAME, Alberto Crescentiwhile indicating: “There are 18 people transferred to different hospitals.”

As indicated, some of the uniformed men attacked the fire with two 38-millimeter lines, while another group of troops carried out an inspection of the floors and a hydrolift was also deployed at the site. City Fire Department for a primary site.

Furthermore, it was reported that a 9 year old girl She was treated by supplying oxygen to an older woman while she was going down the internal stairs using a rigid board and cervical collar, while the Firefighters also helped another woman and two minors to get out.

The neighbors had to be assisted with oxygen

The neighbors had to be assisted with oxygen

The videos of the fire

Already during the morning, neighbors and witnesses turned to social networks to spread the first videos of what happened. The various recordings taken with cell phones reported how the flames covered the affected floor of the building far and wide and even recorded the arrival of firefighters on the scene.

Hard work of the firefighters

The firemen they worked simultaneously: on the one hand they protected three people -an older person and two minors- and attacked the fire with two 38-millimeter lines; while, on the other, they carried out an inspection of the floors. A hydrolift was also deployed for a primary site.

A girl of about 9 years was treated, whom the staff supplied oxygen. An older woman was also being lowered down the internal stairs, with a rigid board and a cervical collar. With this last person, they are two older adult women who could be rescued alive and conscious, in addition to two minors.

Firemen he was still inspecting the affected floor in search of more people.

Dramatic scenes took place

Dramatic scenes took place

Meanwhile, a woman who lives in the block where the burning building, named Romina, told the TN channel that “an explosion” was heard between 4:30 and 5 in the morning. “Cries for help were heard, we saw children, there was a lot of smoke. I saw two children as if leaning out on the balcony,” she said.

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