Tragic fire in La Plata: a grandfather was trapped in the fire and died

A fire that occurred in the last few hours had a tragic outcome after it was confirmed that The owner of the burned home was trapped in the flames and died at the scene.. Shock and pain reign in the La Plata town of Arturo Seguiwhere nothing could be done to save the life of the 79-year-old man.

The dramatic fire began, according to the first details of the case, in the early hours of last Thursday, in a precarious home on 415 between 152 and 153. Although the reasons for the event are still under investigation, experts suspect that the fire was caused by a spark produced by a salamander that the victim used to heat his home and whose door would have been left open.

It was a neighbor of the victim who noticed the flames and notified the authorities, so in a matter of minutes two fire crews from the City Bell and Villa Elisa barracks were working in the area, although nothing could be done to rescue from the flames to Manuel Hector Ocampo. According to the police report, the man was unable to escape the smoke and fire that broke out in his home, which quickly spread throughout the structure thanks to the surrounding flammable materials.

Firefighters reportedly found Ocampo’s body in the rubble of the house, which collapsed due to severe structural damage caused by the heat of the fire. Remains of a mattress, wooden furniture, clothing and blankets were also found at the scene, among other elements that could have favored the fire.

In the middle of the dramatic scene, it was also learned that the victim’s daughter arrived moments after the fire was completely extinguished and confirmed the identity of her father. In the midst of a nervous breakdown, the woman had to be assisted by personnel from the Emergency Medical Care Service (SAME), although she recovers in the midst of pain for her loss.

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