Trail of the pandemic: orthopedics with full sales due to “excess chairs”

vests to correct posture, with strong output in orthopedic houses / gonzalo calvelo

The “home office”, classes by Zoom and exposure to electronic devices affect health, something that has been talked about for two years when the Covid-19 pandemic broke out. However, despite the fact that daily routines have normalized, there are postural problems that seem to be here to stay and from different orthopedic houses it is indicated that, among the items that are sold the most, are the posture corrector vest and the cylindrical cushions that they are attached to chairs and armchairs to provide greater comfort.

“During the pandemic, people neglected physical activity and, although everything was returning to normal, there are people who continue to work or study from home and come looking for these items,” says Leonardo Colli, in charge of a traditional orthopedic center.

Gone are the times of the boom in the sale of thermometers and oximeters. Now, people come looking for cylindrical cushions that are attached to the chair to improve back posture. Those who require it are not always older people, parents worried about teenagers who spend most of the day hunched over the computer also reach these stores.

As reported, both the posture-correcting vests -cost around 4,900 pesos- and the cushions -cost between 3,000 and 4,000 pesos- are manufactured in the country, although sometimes there are problems with the latter because the padding is imported.

In another business in the industry, located on Calle 27 al 351, it is also recognized that these products are sold a lot and that there is a variety that adapts to different needs and budgets, ranging between 3,000 and 5,000 pesos.

“Home office work brought pathologies that were accentuated, postures that are not the most appropriate, that’s why people of all ages come looking for these types of items,” explains José Garay who, in addition to being in charge of this business, is a yoga instructor.

According to what he observes in his clients, older adults express problems in the muscles and bones that over the years are accommodated in another way. The youngest accuse sacro-lumbar problems.

“During the two years of the pandemic there were emotional problems that impacted the body, people closed themselves off, they hunched over,” adds Garay.

This newspaper also consulted another orthopedic store in the area of ​​Calle 49 between 4 and 5. “The problem derived from poor posture caused sales of vests and cushions to increase, many parents come in search of these items for young people who spend many hours in front of the cell phone and computers”, says the employee of that place.

Another item in great demand is the insoles because, when returning to normal life, there were not a few who realized that walking poorly had repercussions on their spine.

“Many big people went from not using them to taking them into account, many templates are sold here,” says the employee.

It is worth remembering that both the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Labor Organization (ILO) urged to take measures to protect the health of all those who are doing remote work.

The report warns that without proper planning, organization, health care and safety, the home office can have repercussions on people’s physical and psychological health and social well-being.

Kinesiologists are also professionals consulted as a result of different pathologies derived from a sedentary lifestyle.

It is mentioned that both adolescent students and adults who work from home under the “home office” modality present injuries such as shortening of muscle chains, low back pain, neck pain, back pain, which are associated with poor posture.

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