Train accident in France: the revelations of the only Algerian survivor

A tragedy shook the southwest of France in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques when on Tuesday, a regional express train (TER) struck four people, causing the death of three of them and a fourth seriously injured. The severity of the accident interrupted rail traffic in the area, which was not resumed until after three hours.

Before 6 a.m., at Ciboure near the Saint-Jean-De-Luz station, the four people were lying on the railway track when the train passed, according to initial information. Today following the investigation of the judicial police we know more.

Indeed, the four people in question are Algerian nationals, the only survivor, the injured 28-year-old man explains from his hospital bed that they had taken refuge on the tracks in an attempt to escape possible controls. from police. They had stopped on the voices to rest, they fell asleep and did not see the train arriving. However, the injured could not give the identity of the three men who died, claiming to have met them in Spain not long ago.

On Wednesday evening, around 200 people went to Saint-Jean-De-Luz station to pay tribute to the victims of the tragic accident, following an appeal launched by local associations to help migrants. According to the president of the “Solidarity-Migrants Etorkinekin” Collective, Amaia Fontang, the drama occurred after “a day of significant police pressure in several parts of the Basque Country, which could explain why these migrants sought to take refuge in a place to be quiet ”.

Police checks, a measure to be reinforced for illegal migrants

The migratory flow is becoming more and more important and uncontrollable even in the face of the measures put in place by Europe to try to counter it. The idea of ​​closed camps for migrants could materialize following the appeal of the French Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmanin. During his visit to the closed camp of Samos in Greece, Darmanin encourages the establishment of these camps for a better management of illegal immigration and more control of the external borders.

Note that in a closed camp which is used to search, control, identify and above all record the number of illegal migrants, asylum seekers can only go out from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and they must present their fingerprints and an electronic badge. at the magnetic gate at the entrance.

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