Train traffic in Kalmar County is affected by the heat

According to the Swedish Transport Administration, the section on the Stångådal line between Berga in Högsby municipality and Hultsfred will be affected as there is a risk of solar curves. During certain times, the speed on the trains must therefore be reduced, which will mean delays and certain departures can be canceled, according to the Swedish Transport Administration.

The speed is reduced

The speed on the stretch will be reduced from 100 km / h to 80 km / h during the day and in the evenings from Thursday to Sunday.

– Solar curves are a summer problem for train traffic. The sun heats up the rails, which in the worst case can trigger a solar curve. Solar curves often occur when trains pass through sensitive places. If the speed is reduced, the forces in the track will not be so great and the risk is reduced. At lower speeds, it is also easier for train drivers to detect if solar curves have occurred, says Jonas Lycksell, acting unit manager for Maintenance District South, Järnväg in a press release.

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This is a solar curve Photo: TT

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