Training: The alternatives to face the Spanish Union

Colo Colo will seek the Spanish Union to qualify for the final of the Copa Chile tournament where it has the possibility of achieving one of the main objectives of the year. Be champion and qualify for the Liberators cup.

In case of winning the traditional tournament, the Cacique, will obtain the quota of Chile 4, being forced to draw keys before reaching the group stage of the liberators. Before thinking about international competitions, you must leave the Spanish Union behind. Match in which it will not be able to count on two of its main figures: Gabriel Costa and Iván Morales who will be part of the South American Qualifiers to Qatar 2022.

In addition to the absences forced by their participation in the respective national teams, the obligation to play with Under-21 players, there must be five cited and at least three add 180 minutes on the field of play, a situation that leads to Gustavo Quinteros placeholder image to make modifications to the starting team.

In this way Luciano Arriagada score points to be the starting center-forward, Joan Cruz would keep his place in the eleven and the great doubt happens to be the replacement of Gabriel Costa where the alternatives are Cesar Fuentes, Ignacio Jara and Carlo Villanueva.

Óscar Opazo and Miiko Albornoz They have been the starting full-backs in recent days, however, during the year they had not had continuity so it is not seen with bad eyes that they are replaced so as not to overload them, there appear the names of Bruno Gutiérrez and Gabriel Suazo.

During this day, Gustavo Quinteros will have to define the starting team to face Unión Española this Wednesday at the Santa Laura stadium.

Morales and Costa will be absent against Unión.

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