Transfer market: Bar?a ready? everything to get rid of Umtiti?

Regularly pushed out by FC Barcelona since the 2018 World Cup, will Samuel Umtiti leave Catalonia this summer? Without a doubt. According to Sport, the Catalan club is threatening to terminate his contract if he does not find a way out before August 31.

Mercato: the Bar

Samuel Umtiti remains under contract until 2026 with Barcelona.

Since the 2018 World Cup and the interminable knee problems that followed, Samuel Umtiti has heard the same refrain during each transfer window, summer and winter. The 2022 edition is therefore no exception to the rule: Barcelona wants push out its 28-year-old central defender, and the Catalan club will move from words to deeds.

According to Sport, the Catalan club has given the world champion a real ultimatum: his contract, which runs until June 2026, will be terminated if he does not find a way out before August 31!

Umtiti has offers, but…

A threat that Bara is used to brandishing for its undesirable players. Umtiti knows something about this, he who read the same headlines in the Spanish press last summer. Just like Philippe Coutinho, who finally left Aston Villa, or even Miralem Pjanic, who returned to Catalonia this summer with the intention of staying there. This year, another Blaugrana player is also concerned by this potential termination of contract: Martin Braitwhaite, linked until June 2024.

Like Umtiti, he would not have been included on the list of qualified players for the coming season. The Dane will agree to leave only if he receives his full salary for the next two years, while the Frenchman is indeed looking for a team to bounce back. On the other hand, he has not yet definitively decided: Umtiti has offers, but is waiting for the right one. As Sport reminds us, the Habs always have a return to Olympique Lyonnais, he who favors a return to France.

A loan, is it possible?

Unfortunately for him, his training club is closing the door for the moment, as Rennes did recently. The rumor of a missed medical visit to the Bretons should not help him in his quest for a new stable, when he seems to be well and truly rid of his physical problems. At present, only one Turkish club (whose identity has not been filtered) seems to really want to welcome the defender, who is not really excited about the idea of ​​playing in the Sper Lig.

You will understand, Umtiti galley for the moment. But the first games of the 2022-2023 season, scheduled for this weekend, could highlight defensive problems in some teams, and therefore push them to activate. Especially since the Bara could facilitate the departure of the player: still according to Sport, if the threat of termination of the contract is very real, the Catalan formation could however accept a loan. Notice to amateurs.

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