Transgenic corn: its sowing is once again prohibited by the SCJN

The Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) has caused controversy by once again denying unanimously and without discussion four appeals that transnational companies filed against the judicial decision that prevents them from planting transgenic corn in Mexico for commercial purposes.

It turns out that the SCJN determined that the judges who intervene in a collective action lawsuit can dictate any measure that they consider pertinent to protect the rights and interests of a community, provided that the requirements of the law are met.

That is why on this occasion, the ministers rejected the protections of the transnational companies in which they raised more than 130 arguments that for the corn community were hollow, contradictory and fallacious.

SCJN protects native corn

SCJN protects native corn

Through a statement, the group Demanda Colectiva Maíz described the decision as historic because it ratifies the precautionary measure that has protected the country’s native corn.

Among other details, he recalled that since 2013, the precautionary measure promoted by the Lawsuit for Collective Action against the Planting of Transgenic Corn, has stopped applications for permission to plant transgenic corn in Mexico.

The response that they have given to these requests from companies such as PHI, Dow, Syngenta and the current Bayer-Monsanto presented dozens of challenges and preferred not to carry out any investigation in the country to demonstrate the absence of risks.

“This decision is transcendental for the preservation of native corn and cornfields, but also for the beekeeping sector and for the bees themselves.”

They celebrate SCJN’s decision

They celebrate SCJN’s decision

It should be noted that they considered that the unanimity of the decision reiterates the validity of the arguments presented by the Claimant Collectivity, in favor of the collective rights of peasant and indigenous communities and of corn consumers.

“Although the resolution of the SCJN is to celebrate, it is necessary to warn that the judicial decisions do not guarantee that in reality they are fulfilled.”

It has also been pointed out that without a rule of law that guarantees compliance with judicial decisions, “the damages cannot be avoided, as has been the case in the Yucatan Peninsula, where despite the prohibitions of the Supreme Court.

“Soy and even transgenic corn are grown illegally and with impunity.”

It should be noted that the group celebrated the SCJN’s decision but reported that the main judgment continues: “We still have a long way to go to achieve the definitive ban on transgenic corn in Mexico, an action that will guarantee the preservation and protection of native corn.

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