Travelers to Turkey turned away: details from Air Algérie

For almost a month, Algerian travelers to Turkey have been encountering some problems. Related in particular to their visas to this country. Indeed, in possession of a visa valid for 12 months and more and after having reserved their trips as normally as possible at the level of the commercial agencies of Air Algérie, and arrived at the stage of registration at the level of the airports. These travelers are facing news that could disrupt their trip. Its passengers cannot travel to Turkey.

In the same wake, on social networks, these travelers have gathered in travel groups to share this strange experience. But also to find a solution to their case, allowing them to join Turkey. Indeed, among the testimonies shared on social networks. Some said dozens of travelers were turned away at several airports. In particular those of Constantine and Annaba. Moreover, others claim that this operation was started at the beginning of this week.

Contacted by these travellers, the Turkish Embassy invites them, in response to these victims, to approach the Gateway visa company, with their passports. And this, in order to obtain a renewed visa sticker.

Algerian travelers turned away by Turkey

These pushbacks were triggered by a notice posted at these airports. The latter specifies that the start date of this visa to Turkey corresponds to that indicated in the form completed by the applicant. From this date. The traveler is required to return within 180 days (the previous date included). That’s the equivalent of six months, says the same memo.

Questioned by Le provincial, the regional director of Air Algérie, in this case Nadir Abed, made a point of providing some clarifications on this subject. Indeed, according to the same official. The sales representatives in charge of ticket sales at Air Algérie were not aware of this information. This means that tickets to Turkey are marketed as normally as possible. And this without informing the traveler of the non-validity of the visa.

Algerian travelers are not the only ones to be turned away

In addition, Nadir Abed adds, to the same source, that the salesperson is not obliged to inquire about the travel restrictions imposed by the Turkish embassy. To limit the consequences of this operation. The regional director of Air Algérie has instructed commercial agencies to inform travelers wishing to travel to Turkey of this restriction, reports the same newspaper.

Also questioned by the same source, the spokesperson for the national airline. Amine Andaloussi, said that this restriction does not only concern Algerian travelers. Several other foreign passengers were turned away for the same reasons. The spokesperson for Air Algérie, confirms that the responsibility to inform, in advance, travelers of this restriction. Reverts to Consular Services and Gateway.

Moreover, faced with this situation, neither the Turkish Embassy nor Gateway spoke out to explain and clarify this context.

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