Treat yourself to the brand new iPhone 14 at a reduced price? It’s possible at RED by SFR

More elegant, larger, and more efficient… Apple unveiled 4 new next-generation iPhones at the beginning of September. But if the prices of the latter make you cringe, Red by SFR has something to relieve your wallet by offering you the possibility of getting the latest iPhone 14 at an affordable price. It benefits from an immediate discount of 20 euros but if you fall for the RED by SFR 100 GB package at 15 euros, you then save 50 euros on your new smartphone.

I take advantage of the offer at RED by SFR

iPhone 14: Apple pulls out heavy artillery with its new smartphones

This September 7, the Californian giant Apple presented its brand new range made up of four iPhone 14s, all of which have something to seduce. This year’s darling is the iPhone 14, which has a sleek, much-loved design similar to that of its predecessor, the iPhone 13. It also offers high-end features with a 6-inch Super Retina XDR display. .1 inches brighter and more efficient thanks to OLED technology, all protected by a Ceramic Shield.

The promise of Tim Cook and his team: extraordinary autonomy and performance that is no longer to be proven with the A15 Bionic chip and a 5-core GPU that will give you an excellent experience in terms of multitasking and gaming. fast and everything is smooth. For your greatest pleasure.

On the photo side, there is a nice improvement. The iPhone 14 has a new 12-megapixel main sensor as well as an ultra-wide-angle sensor, both of which are larger and wider. A great promise from the Apple brand, for photos of great quality both in direct sunlight and in low light.

However, there is one aspect that can make you tick: the price. If indeed in the United States, the prices of the new iPhone 14 have not changed, European consumers are seeing prices soar due to the current weakness of the euro and taxes. The new iPhone 14s are available and the most accessible model is at the full price of 1,019 euros. We go up to 1,479 euros for the most efficient model, the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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How to take advantage of the iPhone 14 at 949 euros with RED by SFR?

RED by SFR offers you to leave with the iPhone 14 at 999 euros instead of 1019 euros, without any conditions. However, you can lower the price by an additional 50 euros simply by subscribing to its RED by SFR 100 GB mobile plan. Displayed at 15 euros per month, you benefit from 100 GB of mobile data in France, of which 17 GB can be used in Europe and in the overseas departments, as well as unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. This is a sufficient envelope to take advantage of your mobile data without you having to limit yourself. Wander on the networks, watch your favorite series or listen to your current album over and over without fear of falling behind. To gain speed with 5G, you will have to pay an additional 5 euros per month.

Contrary to what RED by SFR generally offers, you must commit for 24 months. But this is not too restrictive a condition given that you are enjoying a coveted smartphone that has just been released and that the RED by SFR 100 GB package is complete and at a decent price.

Of course, the other iPhone 14 models are eligible for the offer. So, if it’s the iPhone 14 Pro (128GB) that catches your eye, it is possible to have it at 1249 euros instead of 1329 euros. The iPhone 14 Pro Max is coming back to you at 1399 euros instead of 1479 euros while the iPhone 14 Plus falls to 1099 euros instead of 1169 euros.

You have until October 10 to walk away with the iPhone 14, or one of its big brothers, at the best price. To do this, you must go to the RED by SFR website.

I take advantage of the offer at RED by SFR

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