Trial: Dinslaken ISIS terrorist has to go to prison for ten years

Dinslaken / Düsseldorf.
A verdict was passed on Friday in Düsseldorf in the trial against an IS terrorist from Dinslaken. Nils D. has been imprisoned for ten years for murder.

After more than two years of trial, the verdict against the IS terrorist Nils D. from Dinslaken spoken. D. is sentenced to ten years in prison for murder in unity with war crimes. The Federal Prosecutor’s Office at the Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court had previously applied for life imprisonment and the determination of the particular gravity of his guilt – the defense demanded an acquittal.

D. was already in 2016 “Islamic State” To be sentenced. In the course of the proceedings at the time, new allegations had been raised against him, according to which he was being held in an IS prison in Manbij, Syria Detainees tortured and tortured to death should have. In March 2018, a new arrest warrant was issued against the 31-year-old from Dinslaken.

Did Dinslakener Nils D. torture a man to death?

Of the Main witnesses, on whose testimony a new charge was brought, has been filed interviewed in Turkey. In his plea, attorney Brögeler criticized the fact that he could never be questioned as a witness in the trial, which has been ongoing since September 2019, is a violation of the defense’s right to question the main witness himself.

The man interviewed in Turkey and another witness named by him had testified that D. at the end of July 2014 saw a man like this violently tortured have that he died of his injuries. However, the statements of these two witnesses contradict each other about the Time of victim’s death carried out the lawyer. Last week, D. had declared that, as originally announced, he would not be fully involved in the allegations against him for the first time since the trial began more than two years ago, in particular how the death of his cousin Philip Bergner had influenced him in August 2014 near the Northern Iraqi city of Mosul being blown up and murdered 20 Kurdish soldiers in the process.

Of the Representative of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office had in mid-October for the Dinslaken terrorists a life sentence for murder and the determination of the “special severity of guilt” demanded, which would prevent early release from prison. The Federal Prosecutor’s Office regards it as proven that D. in the prison in Manbij “Regularly and systematically” prisoners tortured and that one of the prisoners was killed as a result of the mistreatment. Under the battle name Abu Ibrahim al-Almani, the 31-year-old had “had a reputation like Donnerhall among the prisoners,” said the chief prosecutor.

Nils D. was a member of the “Lohberger Brigade”

D. converted to Islam in 2011 and was a member of the infamous „Lohberger Brigade“, a group of Salafists who had radicalized themselves in the Dinslaken colliery district in the vicinity of a supposed educational association. In October 2013, D. traveled to Syria and, like eleven other Lohbergers, joined the so-called “Islamic State” at. After his return to Germany in November 2014, the terrorist was arrested in January 2015 and then served as a key witness to the security authorities.

In a first trial, D. received a extensive statements against other terrorists Penalty discount and was sentenced to four and a half years in prison in March 2016. At the time, he asserted that he was only used as a guard in the Manbij torture prison. He said he couldn’t even cut off the head of a chicken when it was hungry. After this initial conviction, however, former prisoners came forward to testify Nils D. was one of the torturers which is why the new trial against him began in September 2019. (with dpa)

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