Tricks for succulents to change the color of their leaves

Tricks for succulents to change the color of their leaves

Between the succulents, one of its greatest attributes is versatility and variety. But, there is also something that many highlight and it is the wide range of colors. The truth is that its tonality can vary depending on the environment.

However, there are some tricks to get the color of the leaves of the succulents change. One of the resources to achieve the transformation of our succulents is thanks to a very simple tool that is irrigation in moderation.

Different varieties require different hours of sun.

To change the pitch of the succulents watering should not be exceeded. In addition, the soil must be moist enough to keep the plant healthy but without saturating it. If the humidity is not enough, it will be stressed and that will cause a change in color.

Another possibility to alter the hue of our fleshy plants is through a sunbath. This is because sunlight is the main stimulus for color change in succulents.

Water stress works to change tones.

The way to do this is to place them in a well-lit spot where they are exposed for at least part of the day. The greater the amount of sunlight, the color will vary. We will have to be careful because if it is too much, the leaves may burn.

The other tip to be able to modify succulents is to give them an appropriate substrate for the best absorption of water, light and nutrients. There are specialized substrates on the market for succulents and cacti that ensure an optimal level of drainage for the plant.

The hours of sunshine are decisive.

stress in plants

One of the keys for succulents change to a new hue is to stress them. Although it is a good resource, at times it can be risky because if they look healthy, it will lead to a drastic change.

Some when placed with more shade become more blue.

The most complete proposal is to unite changes in the substrate, control the amount of water and the amount of sunlight. These actions lead to possible injuries if we exceed it, so it is suggested to take precautions.

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