Truck exports to the US set record in August

In August, Mexican truck exports to the United States grew 72% to a record level for an eighth month of the year of 16,982 units, which is reflected in the synchronization achieved in the supply chain for the delivery of orders on time, after the shortage of components for 18 months, said Miguel Elizalde, executive president of the National Association of Bus, Truck and Tractor Producers (ANPACT).

The director explained that production has improved thanks to the dynamism of exports to the United States, which is the main destination for Mexican trucks and places it as the largest exporter of trucks in the world.

He recalled that the economic recovery in the United States began months ago compared to the activity in Mexico, but due to the shortage of components, the market had delayed in sending units, where the demand was for class 8 heavy vehicles.

According to ANPACT figures, 2019 had been the record year for Mexican truck exports, when 16,458 units were shipped to the world, of which more than 90% were destined for the United States (close to 15,000 units). However, the amount sent in August 2022 has already set a trend and is placed as the historical data.

Total exports of the heavy industry during August 2022 were 17,811 units, reflecting the dynamism derived from the US market, increasing 69.8% in August compared to the previous month. This data is relevant, after shipments in past months had not exceeded 14,000 units per month, and the highest data recorded was that of December 2021 with 16,845 trucks.

The supply chain begins to be synchronized in August and we believe that this synchronization will be seen during the rest of the second half of this year and we will see the recovery already at levels higher than any other month in the previous four years. We hope that it can be maintained to achieve the deliveries of orders that have had impacts”, commented Elizalde.

In Mexico, there are 10 heavy vehicle manufacturing plants and two engine remanufacturing plants, which make it possible for the country to occupy the first place in the export of trucks, the fourth in the export of heavy vehicles and the sixth place in the production of vehicles. load. Truck exports to the United States accumulate a growth of 16.4% during the first eight months of 2022, with 100,927 units, against the 86,691 shipped in the same period of 2021.

The president of ANPACT explained that the figures make evident the need to continue promoting the Mexico, United States, Canada Treaty (T-MEC).

“We must make the most of the virtues of the Treaty and it is necessary that progress is made within the country in the institutional coordination of customs and the SAT to streamline foreign trade. Mexico requires clarity, certainty and efficiency in border procedures so that exports are an engine for the country”, he stressed. He elaborated that the harmonization of the productive chains has to do with the adjustment of the rules of origin that will be modified in 2024.

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