Truck stolen in Santa Rosa was recovered in Ituzaingó

Thursday, November 24, 2022 | 4:44 p.m.

Yesterday at noon the owner of a car was surprised when leaving his house because it was not in the place where he had left it parked, in front of his home in the town of Santa Rosa.

Once the complaint was filed, the uniformed officers of the local police station requested the collaboration of other agencies, reporting the theft and passing on the characteristics of the vehicle. This morning the truck was detected circulating in Ituzaingó, for which reason there was a lock operation to stop its march and detain its occupants, two women and a man.

The mobiles of the First, Second, and Third Police Stations, the Rural Police, Apipe Island, and the Regional Unit woven a network that surrounded the suspects.

Finally the loop was closed and they had no choice but to abandon the vehicle in the Ituzaingó port area and flee on foot. But after half an hour, the two women were detained at the terminal and the man was caught this morning walking along National Route 12.

The defendants are from Santa Rosa and are staying at the First Police Station.

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