Trump asked states to inflate voter lists

Washington.- Former President Donald Trump was directly involved in a scheme to present lists of false Trump voters in states that Joe Biden won, revealed the bipartisan committee investigating the assault on Capitol Hill during a hearing that delved into the pressure exerted by the former president on the state officials to help overturn his defeat.

The commission played video testimony from Ronna McDaniel, chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, who said Trump called her personally asking for help promoting the scheme.

Republican state officials in Arizona and Georgia, for their part, testified about how Trump latched onto claims of voter fraud he knew — or should have known — were false, and relentlessly pressured them to support the lies and reverse election results, and put them at risk when they refused to accept.

Rusty Bowers, Republican speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives, told the panel that he rejected two pleas from Trump and several more from his legal advisers, who repeatedly said they had enough evidence of fraud to reverse the election result, but never showed any.

According to the Republican, Rudy Giuliani also admitted that he had uncovered no evidence of widespread fraud.

“We have a lot of theories, we just don’t have the evidence,” Bowers recalls the attorney telling him.

Trump and his allies didn’t care that poll workers faced death threats for their bogus claims of fraud.

Rep. Liz Cheney, Republican from Wyoming and vice chair of the committee, played a video of Gabriel Sterling, an election official in the state of Georgia, warning of the threats poll workers faced.

Bowers testified that a man affiliated with the Three Percenters militia, who was carrying a gun, threatened his neighbor.

“Donald Trump didn’t care about the threats of violence. He didn’t condemn them. He made no effort to stop them. He went ahead with his false claims anyway,” Cheney said.

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