TTC Sparkasse Bludenz 1st and 2nd round team championships

© TTC Sparkasse Bludenz

After a long Corona game break, Vttv can finally host the table tennis team championships again. Of course, the teams from TTC Sparkasse Bludenz will also be there.

Ours had little success Ligamannschaft with Fischer R., Haslwanter M. and Krainz F in the first 2 rounds. Both times they played against the 2 Feldkirch league teams. And both times there were clear defeats. First a 1: 6 defeat against Feldkirch / Gisingen1, whereby Ronny got the honor point and the team had to forego a player at short notice. A week later an even clearer 0: 7 against Feldkirch / Gisingen2.

Our 2nd team played better in the 1st Class with Maletic A., Schuster H., Mark M., Flir E., Strohmeier R. and Sebastian F. But here too there were 2 defeats. First it was against Göfis 2 where there was an 8: 4 home defeat after close games. It was even closer against Altach 4, where there was an unfortunate 8: 6 defeat. The best player of the evening was Rene with 3 single wins and 1 double win with partner Florea S.

The sense of achievement of our Bludenz teams was achieved by our 3rd team (picture) in the 4th grade with Bickel J., Sonderegger S, Rein H. and Nowak J. Two clear victories could be achieved. First a clear 9: 1 win against Rankweil 3 and then a clear away win against Dornbirn 3. Keep it up!

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