TudoGames: 10 indispensable partners for an adventure!

As much as some adventures can be lonely, there are games that bring memorable companions that will help you face hordes of enemies, give you tips to solve mysteries and even go out on your side against dangerous bosses.

Many of these characters have importance in the narrative and even receive a development during the story. For example, some of them can be annoying, obnoxious and will make you hate them for the first few hours. However, they prove their worth and build bonds that will make the player completely change his mind about them.

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Many of these supporting players began in the first video games and their participation was so fundamental that they followed the evolution of technology and are still present in titles of the most modern generation of consoles. Others managed to stand out so much that they even won their own titles, conquering more fans and consolidating their importance.

In this list, TudoCelular listed 10 companions who made history in their debut games and became iconic, being fundamental pieces for the player to be able to finish the adventure or just yielding unforgettable moments and good laughs!

If you think that a game was left out of the list or you have already played one of those mentioned, leave your comment and suggestion for future lists at the end of the article!

10 Diddy Kong

Debut: Donkey Kong Country (1994)

Few will remember, but Donkey Kong started out as one of Mario’s biggest rivals at Nintendo. However, he underwent a makeover and became the protagonist of a series of games called Donkey Kong Country.

Unlike the brute ape, his partner Diddy Kong is smaller and much more agile. In single player mode, you could switch between characters, using the abilities of both to overcome all difficulties.

9 Ellie

Debut: The Last of Us (2013)

The Last of Us debuted on PlayStation 3 and became one of the most acclaimed games of all time, yielding a sequel and remake that will be out soon. In the plot, Joel must protect Ellie, considered the last salvation of humanity, in a journey full of dangers.

Despite both being awkward at first, the partnership evolves into a beautiful relationship. The girl uses a knife and helps the protagonist in several situations, being crucial in one of the chapters when Joel is wounded and almost dies. In the sequel, Ellie becomes the protagonist and embarks on a brutal journey of revenge.

8 clank

Debut: Ratchet & Clank (2002)

Imagine if Star Wars robot C-3PO were smaller and didn’t hesitate to use violence to solve problems. Most likely, he would be the hero Clank, who forms a duo with Ratchet. A friend, confidant and guide in the franchise, it is certain that Lombax would never have gotten this far if he didn’t have his companion.

Clank is able to use his body to activate propellers, a jet and other types of trinkets to solve any problem that comes his way. Over the course of the games, his abilities increase and he becomes more and more indispensable for Ratchet to face his enemies.

7 tails

Debut: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (1992)

Miles Prower, aka Tails, is Sonic’s best friend and one of the franchise’s fan-favorite characters. Born with two tails, the fox suffered prejudice, but managed to overcome all adversities to become the blue hedgehog’s main ally.

One of their special abilities is being able to fly by rotating their tails quickly, reaching areas where Sonic wouldn’t be able to reach and even saving the hero in tight situations. However, he also stands out for his good heart and constant willingness to do something to help others.

6 Cole Train

Debut: Gears of War (2006)‎

Augustus Cole, aka Cole Train, was a famous athlete on the planet Sera, known for his unique skills and infectious charisma. You know that person that everyone likes for their high spirits and good mood? That might be a good description of the hero.

Even with the Locust invasion destroying the world and Cole forced to become a soldier to fight in the war, he maintains his good mood, excitement and does everything to fulfill the mission and keep his companions safe, serving as the comic relief of the squad.

5 Atreus

Debut: God of War (2018)

Despite many players finding him boring, Atreus is one of the most interesting supporting characters in video games. Kratos’ son is a fundamental part of the combat and as the adventure progresses, his bond with his father grows and consequently, his abilities. The journey also brings her growth from an innocent child to a wiser, more thoughtful youth.

Its importance goes beyond mechanics and is also fundamental in the narrative. Atheists are an integral part of his father’s journey and despite being inconvenient at first, he becomes a valued companion, especially in the final act, as well as helping Kratos deal with his brutal past. It will be interesting to see the duo’s journey through Ragnarok in November.

4 Sully

Debut: Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune (2007)

Sully is one of the most famous characters in the Uncharted franchise. The ham character rarely hits anyone or is in a strategic position, but he is an excellent joker, drawing a good laugh from the players. Despite this, he participates in the most important moments of the franchise and proves his worth in every game.

He is Drake’s mentor and confidant, helping the hero on his journeys, however dangerous they may be. Despite his advanced age, he never hesitates to do what’s right, always utilizing his sarcastic wit.

3 Cortana

Debut: Halo: Combat Evolved (2001)

Cortana is a female-looking artificial intelligence who appears to aid the hero Master Chief in the Halo franchise. She does not have a physical body, being reserved for a hologram that will accompany the player in all titles in the series.

Over the course of the games, the relationship between the two strengthens and a beautiful partnership is born. It provides tactical information for the Master Chief to complete his missions and is a key element in saving the galaxy time and time again. It was so successful that virtual intelligence came to life in Windows as Microsoft’s premier assistant.

2 Captain Price

Debut: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (2007)

No matter which Call of Duty title he appears, Captain Price will always steal all the spotlight. He is one of the most traditional characters in the franchise and his brutality, intelligence and humor make him one of the most unique elements of the series.

In gameplay, Price is a true one-man army. He doubts? Raise the game’s difficulty and watch the hero pile up bodies as he seeks cover and gives orders to his squad. In Modern Warfare 3, players assume their role in one of the franchise’s most frantic and unforgettable missions.

1 Luigi

Debut: Mario Bros. (1983)

The oldest character on the list, Luigi started out as Mario’s twin brother, but a mere copy dubbed by many “Green Mario”. However, he has gained a personality of his own and a different appearance over the years, winning over fans with his eccentricity and courage.

Despite not getting the recognition he deserves, Luigi is a faithful ally and is always ready to help Mario face Bowser and his reptilian armies. His success was so great that the plumber won his own series of games: Luigi’s Mansion. In it, armed with a vacuum cleaner, he must face supernatural threats in the same style as the “Ghostbusters” in an adventure full of scares and an engaging story, becoming one of Nintendo’s main exclusives.

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