Turbulent process start of the players women

After Rebekah Vardy was called to the witness stand on the second day of the trial, Coleen’s attorney presented several text messages. In the chat histories, Rebekah allegedly asked her agent Caroline Watts in 2017 to pass on private information about celebrities to the press.

Rebekah admitted one case. However, everyone else was joking, she insisted, and her agent understood it that way too. Rebekah’s reaction was also published in the text messages when Coleen unfollowed her on Instagram: “What ac***!” can be read there, loosely translated as “What a s***!”.

She burst into tears when it came to the hateful comments she received when she was pilloried after Coleen’s allegations. Among other things, there were apparently threats against her then two-year-old daughter.

Rebekah Vardy denied she was ever paid for sharing information. She also didn’t know that her agent was following her celebrity friends’ accounts through her Instagram account. In addition, she is not friends with journalists, she explained. Nevertheless, she admitted to meeting a reporter from the “Sun”.

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