Turin, Juric’s loyalists: from Vlasic to Djidji, here’s who played the most

In this first part of the season, there are three grenades who have played the most, with the Serbian goalkeeper not missing even a minute

After 15 days of the championship, also due to the break for the world championship in Qatar, it’s time to analyze some data at home. Like for example that of the minutes played in this first part of the season by individual players. There are three Toro players who have played the most in these first days of the championship: Vanja Milinkovic-Savic, Nikola Vlasic and Koffi Djiji. Vanya Milinkovic-Savic he didn’t miss a single match, totaling 15 appearances and 1350 minutes on the pitch. Nikola Vlasic instead he played 15 games but totaled 1281 minutes. For Koffi Djiji instead there are 13 appearances and 1075 minutes. These are the three that Ivan Juric could not do without at the start of the season.

The numbers of others players

As for the midfield, there are 924 minutes in 12 appearances for Sasa Lukicand 713 minutes in 9 appearances for Samuel Ricci. Both were stopped by injury at two different times. Carol Linetty however, he leads the department, with 14 appearances and 954 minutes played. In defense good numbers also for Alexander Good morning (908 minutes in 12 appearances), Ricardo Rodríguez (946 minutes in 13 appearances) e Perr Schuurs (709 minutes in 10 appearances). The two fantasists Nemanja Radonjic And Aleksey Miranchuk, instead they clocked up 697 minutes in 14 appearances and 684 minutes in 9 appearances respectively. On the wings what he played the most was Valentine Lazaruswith 909 minutes in 13 games, while in attack the first is Antonio Sanabriawith 682 minutes in 10 appearances.

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