Turin, the granata have never overpaid a player: this is confirmed by the Cies

Over the past 10 years, the grenade club has spent three million euros more than it should have on purchased players

The CIES Football Observatory through its statistical model has evaluated the payments made by the clubs of the 5 main leagues from 2012 to today to get their hands on the players who were included in the wish list. As for Toro, who over the 10 years taken into consideration has changed the ds several times, it emerged that the grenade club has only spent three million euros in excess for the players he wanted to buy. Out of the 31 grenade purchases made since 2012 up to now, the money invested is 219 million, against the 216 estimated to close those negotiations. So to pull the strings, the gist of the matter is that the Bull has never spent more than it should for the players brought to the shadow of the Mole. The Piedmontese club that often pulled out the various negotiations, was right to operate in this way because the grenade club has practically always taken the players by spending roughly the price of their value. So no player was overpaid, but it must also be added that several elements then disappointed expectations, putting the Bull in difficulty and thus lowering their value. M’Baye NiangSimone greens and Simone Zazato give some examples.

Urbano Cairo and Davide Vagnati

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