Turin transfer market: everyone is pressing on Praet, his return is the priority

Turin transfer market / Granata fans are also mobilizing for the return of the midfielder: many messages left on his social networks

If there is a player that the Turin environment hopes to be able to see wearing the grenade shirt from January, this is Dennis Praet. The Belgian midfielder isn’t just the number one target on manager Davide’s list Vagnati, for the next market session, is also the dream of many fans: just take a tour of the player’s social profiles to realize it. In recent days, the number of messages and sent back left by grenade fans has increased dramatically, so much so that the comments can be read under his posts.

Turin transfer market: everyone wants Praet

Praet has left a great memory in the whole environment: from the company (“I’m in love not with the player but also with the boy” had even declared Vagnati in September), to Juric right up to the fans, so much so that the news of the non-redemption of his Leicester card had made the square quite angry. All these good feelings are reciprocated by the Belgian footballer himself, who would gladly return to the Mole: in the summer he waited until the last Turin And Leicester they found a shrewd way for his move to the grenade but in the end he was forced to stay in England where, up to now, he has found little space and has also lost the opportunity to play in the World Cup with his national team.

The midfielder has a lot of market in Serie A

In January, Leicester has already opened up to the possible departure of Praet and would like to sell him definitively (in the summer, however, the formula on which the two companies had tried to find an agreement was that of a loan with an obligation to buy). Contacts are underway between the parties but the English club does not seem to be in a hurry to find a shrewd one: in fact, in addition to Turin, Praet is also liked by other teams in Serie A and at Leicester they are trying to understand if there will be the possibility of start an auction for the midfielder’s card.

Dennis Praet and Julian Chabot
Dennis Praet and Julian Chabot

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