Turin, with Palermo is a defense alarm: Adopo and N’Guessan ideas

For the official debut, the grenades will have to deal with many absent in defense. The two young people could be lined up as holders

Three days until the first official of the season and the Bull looks like an open construction site. The certainties in Ivan Juric’s starting line-up are still narrow. In addition to the evident slowness of the market, the grenades will also have to deal with several absences due to injury. The department most affected by these unpleasant inconveniences is certainly the backward one. The fatigue of preparing for the new season has hit most of the defense players. Among the sure absent in the confrontation with the Sicilians there is David Zima, left the pitch prematurely in the friendly match against Nice. He will have to sit still for about 3-4 weeks to recover from the injury that hit his right shoulder.

Good morning still out

Also Alessandro Good morning he will have to forfeit the first season, after the fatigue of the retreat days. Doubt still the presence of Armando Izzoalso battered from his commitment to the French Riviera (muscle discomfort), which saw the absence of Koffi Djidji. The Franco-Ivorian should return and cover one of the three positions of the defense in the company of the only survivor Ricardo Rodriguez. The last one to compose the defensive trio, could be a real surprise, but that would reflect a lot of the work adopted by Juric in the weeks of preparation.

N’Guessan and Adopo: the surprises of the retreat

The coach had to make a virtue of necessity in friendly matches. When human material is reduced to a minimum, fishing from the Spring is almost an obligatory choice. Sometimes it can go wrong, other times it turns out to be spot on. Surely one of the novelties of this preseason was N’Guessan. The defender had the opportunity to play full-bodied in the match with Apollon Limassol and remnants of the Allianz Riviera match. The boy convinced, showing off player performances ready for these levels. Same thing can be said See you later (born in 2000, no longer a Primavera).

His performance is even more surprising, starting as a midfielder. With the Apollon, Juric places him in the center of the defense and he does not disappoint the coach’s expectations. In Nice he takes over from Zima and does almost better, amid careful reading and forays that certainly have not gone unnoticed. We will know soon. On Saturday evening, Juric could take advantage of the emergency situation, to reward two young people who, with work and performance, could carve out positions.

Michel Ndary Adopo Primavera Turin

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