Turkey: Interior Minister Faeser in Ankara: prevent escalation

During her visit to Turkey, the interior minister warns of an escalation in the Kurdish conflict. But the country must be “proportionate”.

Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser (SPD) Turkish government appeals to prevent violence from escalating in military operations against Kurdish militias. At a meeting with her Turkish counterpart Süleyman Soylu on Tuesday in Ankara, Faeser said Germany was on Turkey’s side in the fight against terrorism.

However, the reaction must be “proportionate”, stressed Faeser. This includes complying with international law and protecting civilians Federal Minister of the Interior. Turkey, for its part, criticizes Germany for being too lax towards the PKK, which is also considered a terrorist organization in the EU.

Turkey: Erdogan blames PKK for attack

Meanwhile, the Turkish military continued its attacks on suspected positions of the Kurdish militia YPG in northern Syria and alleged hideouts of the Kurdish terrorist organization PKK in northern Iraq. The armed forces used bombers and artillery pieces. According to its own statements, the Turkish army has so far “neutralized 184 terrorists” in “Operation Claw Sword”, as the offensive is called.

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Turkey practices with the attacks Retaliation for the Istanbul terrorist attack in which a bomb killed six and wounded 81 ten days ago. The government blames the PKK and the YPG for the attack. However, both groups deny involvement.

Turkey: Three people die in rocket attack

In the joint press conference between the Turkish interior minister and Faeser, there were clear differences of opinion. Soylu said the YPG does not adhere to the principle of proportionality. He accused her of wanting to set up a “state of terror” in northern Syria. Turkey should not allow that. In retaliation for the Turkish air strikes the YPG fired five rockets at the Turkish border province of Gaziantep on Monday. Three people were killed in the process.

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Without naming Germany directly, the Turkish interior minister criticized that while everyone got excited when bombs fell in Ukraine, many downplayed the threat of terrorism in Turkey. One should not discriminate against terror victims because of their nationality, their religion or because they live in a certain country, said Soylu, alluding to the Victims of the missile attack.

Erdogan: “We know where the terrorists are hiding”

Immediately before the Interior Minister left for Ankara, the Federal Foreign Office (AA) in Berlin called on Turkey to exercise restraint in the conflict. The government in Ankara should “react proportionately and respect international law,” said AA spokesman Christofer Burger. The reports of possible civilian victims of the air strikes are “extremely worrying”.

Regardless, quit President Recep Tayyip Erdogan an expansion of the offensive. Turkey will “soon” take action against the YPG in Syria with ground troops, Erdogan said in Artvin province on Tuesday. “We know the identities and the hiding places of the terrorists,” said Erdogan. “With Allah’s help, we will wipe them all out as quickly as possible with our tanks and soldiers,” said the head of state.

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