Turn Controller – Who is Sonic Origins really for?

Ultra popular in its time, a social phenomenon almost incomparable in the history of the media, its rise was as dazzling as its vertiginous fall. Praised then hated, he had a difficult end of life before finally giving up the ghost towards the end of the 2000s, at the height of a decline that was painful to see. And even if technology and public nostalgia have kept the memory of the icon that he was alive, the definitively broken confidence has almost made forget his past glory. But Michael Jackson will have at least served one thing: working with his teams on the soundtrack for Sonic 3, the best video game of its time. Remained for decades in the state of rumor, the participation of the artist in the writing of three songs, shortly before the accusations of pedophilia against him, has finally been confirmed by Yuji Naka. If the Sonic Origins compilation is to mark history, it will only be thanks to this.

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