Turtle Beach’s line of high-end Stealth Gen 2 headsets finally available

We presented it to you at the beginning of April and here it is finally available. Yes, the latest collection of high-end Stealth Gen 2 headsets from Americans at Turtle Beach is finally available. On the program, a choice of three helmets with real assets to find a place in this very competitive market.

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Turtle Beach releases its latest line of high-end headsets

Turtle Beach is now recognized as a key player in the gaming headset sector with products offering good value for money. Today, it is the high-end helmet sector that is targeted with this latest Stealth Gen 2 range. as well as the wired version of the latter, the Stealth 600 Gen 2 USB. Turtle Beach CEO Juergen Stark said:

“Our new MAX models bring new features to the two best-selling helmet lines. We know gamers want a headset that works everywhere, and that thinking drives our MAX models. Since January 2019, our 700 and 600 ranges have been placed as standards. The Stealth 700 range is the second best-selling range of wireless headphones, just behind our Stealth 600 range, and we believe these upgraded MAX and USB versions will continue that success. »

The Stealth 700 Gen 2 MAX is a multi-platform wireless headset offering 40 hours of battery life, unparalleled comfort with patented ProSpecs technology, 50mm Nanoclear speakers and 3D sound spatialization. A complete helmet could be configured and personalized via the mobile application accessible on Android and iOS. It is optimized for Xbox, available in Black and Cobalt Blue and offered at 199.99€.

Its little brother, the Stealth 600 Gen 2 MAX, offers better autonomy by exceeding 48 hours while remaining multiplatform and benefiting from ProSpecs technology for comfort. It is the precision and the immersion of the sound that are less since the Stealth 600 Gen 2 MAX does not have 3D spatialization. This headset is also optimized for Xbox, available in Black, Arctic Camo and Midnight and offered at €139.99.

Finally, it is the Stealth 600 Gen 2 USB which brings up the rear by offering 24 hours of autonomy, good overall performance thanks to the 50mm speakers, Superhuman Hearing as on the high-end models or even optimal comfort thanks to ProSpecs technology. This Stealth 600 Gen 2 USB is available in Black and White for €99.99.

Do not hesitate to visit the Turtle Beach website to learn more about this new range which has seduced a wide audience of players paying particular attention to the quality of their sound equipment during their games.

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