TV 2 series won prestigious award in Cannes

During the award ceremony in connection with the Cannes International Series Festival, Canneseries 2021, Wednesday night, it became clear that the Norwegian drama series “After Saturday” won in the category best short format series.

In total, Norway won three awards this evening, when NRK’s ​​series “Jordbrukerne” received the award for best actor ensemble, as well as the award from the youth jury: “High School Prize”, reports NTB.

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Abuse and consent

When the series was selected to be shown during the festival earlier this autumn, series creator and director Liv Mari Ulla Mortensen was ecstatic.

– I am very proud that “After Saturday” has been selected for this festival. It’s absolutely amazing! We have had great ambitions all the way, but have also had a modest budget, filmed during a pandemic and worked on a complicated topic. It will be incredibly big to see my debut series in Cannes, said Mortensen.

The series addresses the issues of sexual consent and sexual abuse.

In connection with the series’ premiere in June, the main character, Darin Hagi (21), explained that “After Saturday” portrays the abuses one rarely hears about.

– What we hope for with this series is that it focuses on what rape and abuse actually is. We want to show the abuses that are rarely portrayed and talked about, so that people get a slightly clearer picture and greater understanding of what abuse is, Hagi explained in connection with the series’ premiere on TV 2 Play in June.

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“Klara” is confused

The drama series is about “Klara” (22) who is drunk and out of her mind when she crash-lands in her old collective one late Saturday night.

Without being able to take it inwards, she has been abused at home in her apartment after a date. She says nothing to her friends Mohammed and Lotte.

Klara is ashamed, feels guilty, and wonders if she could have done something different. How will she manage to shake off what happened, when her body resists and the friends in the collective start to get worried?

Should she take some responsibility for what happened? She flirted, and initiated the situation that later led to the abuse. Or, was it really an abuse?

The series is produced by Maipo Film, and Lotte Sandbu and Synnøve Hørsdal are producers.

You can watch the twelve episodes of “After Saturday” TV 2 Play.

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