TV presenter Elton is bursting at the seams because the DFB team doesn’t wear the “One Love” bandage at the World Cup

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Of: Stella Rueggeberg

The World Cup in Qatar is more political than ever. Anyone who wears the “One Love” bandage faces severe sanctions. Because the German national team buckles in front of FIFA, Elton is completely upset.

Cologne – At first it was said that the “One Love” bandage was intended to set an example. Manuel Neuer also initially received encouragement from the DFB for the campaign. But FIFA issued a ban and threatened severe sanctions, which is currently causing a great deal of discussion.

The Iranian national team is silent on the national anthem, while the DFB fears sanctions at the World Cup

On November 21, FIFA banned the sanitary napkin. What consequences would actually threaten the team involved is unknown. But just a few hours before the second game of the World Cup, FIFA decided to ban anyone from wearing the “One Love” armband. The DFB chairmen then announced that the German national team had to respect the decision and would not explicitly comment on human rights during the competition.

Other teams, on the other hand, are risking their lives to support the protests in their country: the Iranian national team was silent on their anthem. They want to draw attention to the upcoming protests for women’s rights in their country. Many are therefore calling on the German national team to follow the example of the Iranians.

DFB comments on the ban on the “One Love” bandage

“In my view, it is a demonstration of power by FIFA,” criticized DFB President Bernd Neuendorf. The ban was “more than frustrating and also an unprecedented event in World Cup history”. In addition, it “feels a lot like censorship,” said DFB managing director Oliver Bierhoff. FIFA’s actions are “a clear threat that was made in our direction,” Neuendorf continues. The DFB would continue to stand by their values. It is also a very difficult situation for Manuel Neuer.

TV presenter Elton bursts his collar because the national team does not wear the “One Love” armband at the World Cup

So does TV presenter Elton, who makes his frustration clear on Instagram: “The Iranian internationals face jail at home for making political statements in Qatar. During the anthem, the entire team remains demonstratively and unanimously silent. European teams face a yellow card or a point deduction for wearing the ‘One Love’ bandage. The bandage stays in the pocket”he has nothing more to say on the subject.

The disappointment is great. While many are boycotting the World Cup in Qatar, other stars have made no secret of supporting their national team in the competition. Bernhard Brink even revealed that he would enjoy the World Cup. Sources used: Instagram/elton_tv

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