TV profiles in shock after the killings in their hometown: – It is simply unreal

On Wednesday, the news came that a man had attacked with, among other things, a bow and arrow in Kongsberg. Four women and one man have now been confirmed dead, all aged 50-70 years.

The situation, which according to PST appears to be an act of terrorism, has affected the entire nation. Particularly affected are the inhabitants of Kongsberg, also several well-known profiles who now ring around their hometown.

– Difficult to find words

Host and journalist Carsten Skjelbreid (49), comes from Kongsberg. In a text message to Good evening Norway, he writes that he is shaken by the situation in his hometown.

Carsten Skjelbreid currently works as a sports journalist for Eurosport. Photo: Terje Pedersen

– It is difficult to find words. It is simply unreal that this can happen in safe, nice Kongsberg. The thoughts go to all those who are affected by what happened yesterday, he writes.

– A tragedy that will affect the city for a long time

REPRESENTED HOME CITY: Silje Norendal, here during the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

REPRESENTED HOME CITY: Silje Norendal, here during the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. Photo: Erik Johansen

Former snowboarder Silje Norendal (28) represented Kongsberg Idrettsforening when she was active, as she was born and raised in the city.

She sends her condolences to those affected.

– It is absolutely terrible and cruel what has happened. This affects the whole city and my thoughts go to everyone in Kongsberg and the relatives, she says.

The 28-year-old further says that she read about the case online before she quickly contacted the family in Kongsberg.

– My first reaction was that I was scared, naturally enough as I have never had anything like this happen so close to those I love, she says and concludes:

– This is a tragedy that will affect the city for a long time.

Shocked and shaken

Reporter and TV personality Pål Gordon Nilsen (48) was also born and raised in Kongsberg. He says that he has not been completely himself after he found out about the incident.

THE FAMILY CALLED: Pål Gordon Nilsen.

THE FAMILY CALLED: Pål Gordon Nilsen. Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen

– I am shocked and shaken by the whole situation. I notice I have been completely put out today and restless through the night, he says.

Nilsen contacted his mother immediately.

– She was in a meeting not far away and got the blue lights and everything around, says the sports journalist, who has continuously had contact with several friends and colleagues from Kongsberg.

– It was a nice care in the whole thing.

Finally, tell Nilsen that he thinks Kongsberg will take good care of the relatives.

– There will be a lot of care and warmth there.

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