TV Reviews: "Maybrit Illner": Habeck calls Röttgen "Oppositions-Clown"

Robert Habeck, Volker Wissing and Norbert Röttgen discussed the Corona situation at “Maybrit Illner”. The discussion degenerated.

While the number of corona cases is exploding across Germany, the calls for an emergency brake are getting louder and louder. But the traffic light coalition takes its time. The SPD, Greens and FDP only want to evaluate the current infection situation in a crisis team at the beginning of December. Robert Habeck (Greens) and Volker Wissing (FDP) tried to explain what that means at “Maybrit Illner”.

The tension was clearly felt on Thursday evening at “Maybrit Illner”. Because, as the presenter noted at the beginning of the program, the future government “has to go into crisis mode at the start”. Just recently, the Traffic light parties the new German Infection Protection Act before, but there was plenty of criticism.

“We will run into government at a time that will be the most difficult Health crisis in Germany, “said the future Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck. According to the Green politician, all the necessary funds have currently been made available to reduce the numbers. Habeck already had a plan if that didn’t work:” Then you will have to talk about other means. “

“Maybrit Illner” – These guests were there:

  • Robert Habeck (Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen), party chairman
  • Volker Wissing (FDP), General Secretary
  • Norbert Roettgen (CDU), member of the CDU Presidium
  • Henrike Rossbach, Journalist, “Süddeutsche Zeitung”
  • Christiane Hoffmann, Journalist “Spiegel”

“First of all, this pandemic is to be taken very seriously,” commented FDP General Secretary Volker Wissing. The FDP took them that seriously pandemic a few weeks ago, however, not yet. Party colleague and future Justice Minister Marco Buschmann proclaimed what is known as “Freedom Day”.

According to Wissing, the current situation is shocking. Journalist Christiane Hoffmann was also particularly shocked, not by the infection, but by the Hesitation the traffic light parties. “It would have to be acted now and basically it should have been acted for a long time,” said Hoffmann. The journalist particularly criticized the abolition of the epidemic situation.

“The old government doesn’t end well and the new one doesn’t start well,” interjected moderator Maybrit Illner. CDU politician Norbert Roettgen looked similar. At least the part about the new government. “Clarifying any questions of guilt doesn’t help at all at the moment,” said Röttgen, defending his own party.

“Maybrit Illner”: This is how the past programs ran

“Illner”: The traffic light coalition is taking its time

According to Röttgen, they could Opposition don’t wait for the mistakes to unfold, the situation is too serious for that. “We no longer have time to wait,” emphasized the CDU politician. The SPD, Greens and FDP would like to wait a full ten days before further measures are decided.

Volker Wissing insists on immediate action, at least at the state level. “Tomorrow the federal states should take the necessary measures that the Infection Protection Act provides,” said Wissing. In addition, Volker Wissing accused the previous federal government of a “serious misjudgment” of the pandemic situation in winter.

However, the FDP itself has misjudged its position on compulsory vaccination. “Is the FDP now in favor?” Maybrit Illner asked. “We are institution-related for it. The compulsory vaccination can be discussed,” admitted the FDP politician surprisingly.

Dispute at “Maybrit Illner”: Habeck attacks Röttgen

Nobody wanted to take responsibility that evening. Above all Robert Habeck, who repeatedly emphasized that the traffic light parties did not have enough insight into the pandemic situation and therefore did not know what could happen. At the same time, Habeck praised the Infection Protection Act as a “last chance” in the fourth wave.

And while everyone interrupted each other chaotically at the same time, the journalist Christiane Hoffmann shook her head. “Now to say in retrospect: We didn’t know that. So me shocked that, also as a citizen, “said Hoffmann.” You are chosen so that you are not sluggish. That’s the definition of politics, “she added.

Norbert Röttgen also criticized Habeck’s statements. “That you are now claiming that we are all here in the valley of the unsuspecting and don’t know anything about anything. You are now responsible,” Röttgen managed indignantly. “I didn’t say that, and that’s not your level either. Now you’re doing this here Oppositions-Clown“, the Green politician fired back.

Visibly overwhelmed, Maybrit Illner tried to get the discussion under control again. In doing so, she created even more Chaos when she mistook Norbert Röttgen for Robert Habeck. After the gaffe, however, things seemed to have smoothed out again.

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