TV4 remakes Bonde looking for wife – never happened before

This year there is a big change in Farmer looking for a wife.

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For 16 years, the host Linda Lindorff has accompanied Swedish farmers in their search for true love, and she will do so again this year, but the new season will offer a big surprise.

The casting for this year’s edition of the program is in full swing, but in addition to the eight applicants that were presented earlier this year, TV4 now reveals that there will also be a bonus farmer! And he differs from the remaining peasants.

TV4’s change of Bonde seeks – for the first time

TV4 has really taken the turns when it comes to who can participate in Bonde is looking for a wife. Previously, the program was for Swedes with a farm in Sweden, but that no longer applies.

This year, viewers will also be able to follow grain farmer Matthew, 20, who has traveled all the way from Australia! He currently lives on a farm just outside Örebro with a Swedish friend he met in his home country.

Matthew is going to work on his friend’s farm for a year and therefore thought: “Why not take the opportunity to seek love?”

“Can simply book two tickets home”

Matthew dreams of finding his soulmate and then bringing his new Swedish love to Australia. Sure, why not? There are probably a lot of young Swedish girls who dream of a life on the other side of the world.

On TV4’s Instagram, Matthew is described as a real charmer:

“Matthew is an outgoing, social and charming guy with a wonderful charisma. He describes himself as a romantic who likes to come with surprises. He longs to feel the tingle and nervousness that comes with love. Of course he hopes to fall in love this summer and he has of course thought about the consequences of that “then I simply have to book two tickets home to Australia”.

Another change will be that the program will for the first time be partly recorded in English, as Matthew is English-speaking.

It will be exciting to see how this spectacle unfolds!

Photo: TT, TV4

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