TV4’s sudden turnaround – the new decision for the artists in So Much Better

TV4 has made a new decision for the artists in So much better.

Casper Janebrink arrived at The Gray Goose on Gotland in the second episode of So Much Better. He happily came rolled up on a motorcycle, but it was a small detail that many reacted to – where had he done by his bandmates?

Casper is Arvingarnas front figure and he was the only one who got the chance to participate in this year’s edition of the music program.

– We asked the production that all four of us would go. But they only said that there was no way to solve it so it was not possible. It was sad that not the whole band followed, but we still thought it was a good thing that I would go away, he has told Nöjeslivet.

The truth behind TV4’s decision in So much better

The reason? There was simply no room for the whole gang in the program. But despite the fact that Kim Carlsson, Tommy Carlsson and Lars Larsson have not been on stage, they have been as involved in the production of the interpretations as Casper.

– We have made them together in true Heirs spirit and cave ourselves into the material. We have created the songs as we would have done them if we had them from the beginning.

TV4’s reversal in So much better – the artists connect

But now it seems that the So Much Better editorial staff has made a U-turn in the decision. In the advertisement for the next episode, the Heirs are glimpsed!

– It happens from time to time that guests show up to visit the program. Exactly how much and in what context I do not want to reveal, says Martin Nygren, executive producer for the program to Nöjeslivet and continues:

– Casper wanted to have the rest of the band there and it was absolutely nothing we did not mind, on the contrary.

Photo: TV4

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