Twenty years in prison for a doctor tried in his absence for raping minors in Vietnam

A French doctor has been sentenced to twenty years in prison for the rape of dozens of minors in Vietnam. Absent from the trial, he is the subject of an arrest warrant.

The Paris Assize Court sentenced on Wednesday to twenty years in prison a French doctor currently on the run and who was tried in his absence for the rape of dozens of minors in Vietnam, we learned Thursday from concordant sources.

Aged 60, Olivier Larroque, who was to appear free, did not appear on the first day of his trial on Monday after having already evaded justice in the spring. He is the subject of an arrest warrant.

The Assize Court, which decided to try him in his absence and behind closed doors, found him guilty of raping nearly thirty underprivileged teenagers between 2011 and 2013 in Hanoi, where he was stationed in the French Hospital, and sentenced to twenty years of imprisonment, indicated a judicial source and two lawyers.

“A somewhat puppet trial”

“Justice has been served, incomplete because the accused was not there, but justice has been served after so many years of waiting on the part of the victims,” ​​said Me Christopher Mesnooh, who represented seven of them. . “Our clients feel they have finally been heard.”

The defense, which had requested a dismissal, deplored “a somewhat puppet trial”. “As soon as he was absent, he took the maximum penalty. Things were over before the debates even started,” said Me Camille Lucotte.

If he is arrested before the expiry of the limitation period for the sentence, set at twenty years, Olivier Larroque may oppose the verdict and be retried.

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