Twice as many police forces in transport by the 2024 Olympics, announces Darmanin

The workforce will increase from1,675 police and gendarmes” at “3.510“explains the minister. Either”1,835 more“, whose “200” in Paris”he adds, referring to “an unprecedented effort”.

Of “new units” of “60 to 90 police“will be created in eight major cities (Bordeaux, Rennes, Orléans, Rouen, Strasbourg, Dijon, Nantes and Toulouse), he continues. Today, only Paris, Lyon, Marseille and Lille have dedicated services.

In smaller towns”37 brigades of 10 to 20 agents will be set up“, he says, citing for example Angers, Amiens or Lens.

We are going to develop a whole transport security service, set up police stations in stations to facilitate the taking of complaints“, announces the minister again.

In the first ten months of the year, “an 8% drop in violence in public transport has been recorded throughout France“, he welcomes, while last year the police and gendarmerie services had noted a 4% increase in thefts and violence in public transport.

All indicators, including robbery and sexual assault, are down“, he specifies.

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