Twitch makes a drastic but welcome decision

It’s official, the streaming platform has announced that it is taking action against certain practices, after pressure from streamers on the subject.

The streaming platform Twitch has therefore announced that it will ban the broadcasting of certain gambling games from October 2022. This follows the mobilization and pressure of several popular streamers. on the subject. To re-contextualize a bit, gambling, and in particular crypto-gambling has become very popular on the platform. According Bloombergstreamers are even sponsored by casinos making slots the seventh most popular category on the Twitch platform.

An official statement from Twitch

Twitch states in particular:

We will be updating our policy on October 18 to prohibit the streaming of gaming sites showing slots, roulette games, or dice games that are not permitted in the United States or in other countries where consumer protection is not sufficient.

For the moment, the list in question includes big sites like, or However, betting as a whole is not prohibited, since the press release specifies:

NOTWe will continue to allow websites focused on sports betting, fantasy sports and poker.

It must be said that it was difficult to miss the posts of big streamers like Pokimane and his 315,000 likes. And it’s not the only one to be indignant at this kind of practice since we find the hashtag #TwitchStopGambling on social networks. Twitch had to communicate pretty quickly under these conditions.

Since it’s a big source of income for some streamers, there’s a good chance that Twitch will alienate a lot of them. In short, wait and see but the situation seems very delicate. Especially since recently the streamer ItsSliker was accused of having embezzled more than 300,000 dollars from his community through this type of process.

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