Twitter is testing ad placement in replies to tweets

Twitter is testing a new advertising format on iOS and Android. People in the trial may see ads appear under certain responses to a tweet.

Sponsored Tweet, trending ad… advertising already exists in various places on Twitter. However, the social network continues to explore new ways of displaying this type of content. Head of platform monetization Bruce Falck announced on October 13 on Twitter, that the platform was starting to experiment with placing ads in responses to a tweet.

It is an experiment ” global ”, Which is performed on both iOS and Android. ” If you are one of the people tested for this option, you will see an advertisement after the first, third or eighth reply to a tweet. », Specifies Bruce Falck. Below the illustration shared by Twitter’s monetization manager, an ad for an app dedicated to coffee lovers is located below the first response to a tweet from someone indicating that they are about to cook their favorite recipe from guacamole.

The ad may appear under the first, third or eighth response to a tweet. // Source: Screenshot / Bruce Falck

« The trial of this format will last several months, specifies Bruce Falck. We will pay particular attention to its performance and its impact on the people and conversations around », Assures Bruce Falck. The monetization manager does not specify how often the ad will appear in replies to a tweet, but does indicate that the social network is experimenting with different intervals and displays.

Note that this format, if it were made permanent after this experiment, would not necessarily be imposed everywhere. Responding to a user who questioned him on this point, Bruce Falck specifies that Twitter is carefully considering the possibility of leaving users, the choice of authorizing or not the display of advertisements in the responses to their tweets, by exchange of a commission on the income thus generated.

The announcement of this trial was made the day after several announcements regarding the ads on Twitter. On October 12, the social network revealed that it would be possible to start the download of an application (a mobile game for example) from a Twitter advertisement by promoting it, says Reuters. Twitter also revealed that it has changed the algorithm that decides which ads are shown to different users. The company wants to improve the relevance of its targeted advertising so that it can eventually allow advertisers to sell products directly on Twitter. The group wants to double its annual revenues by 2023.

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