Twitter would like to display advertisements in the middle of discussions

Advertising on social media platforms is not a new concept. Many of you will have already received a few – targeted – ads while scrolling on Instagram and the like. Users also see numerous advertisements on Twitter, but that’s probably not enough for the company.

Twitter has now announced that they will display advertisements in the discussions on tweets. At least they are now testing this new feature on iOS and Android devices. Users will now receive a small ad after the first, third, or eighth response to a tweet, as Bruce Falck, Twitter’s revenue product lead, explains. In his tweet, he also shared a small gif of what the new system will look like.

The advertisement looks something like what you imagine, with a little notice that this content has been sponsored in the lower left corner. On Twitter it often happens that a tweet receives thousands of replies and smaller discussions form in the comments. Twitter can now bring its advertisements to users in a very targeted manner, which will hopefully not disrupt the flow of reading and the clarity of any discussions. However, everyone has to decide for themselves.

So far, advertising in the responses to tweets is only a test and not every user is affected. According to Falck, Twitter would like to try out this new system over the next few months, using different frequencies of adverts, different layouts, and more. Content creators should also be able to decide whether they want to activate advertising in the replies to their tweets and receive a percentage of the income for this.

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