Two Colo Colo players nominated for La Roja de Berizzo

Two Colo Colo players nominated for La Roja de Berizzo

Once the match between Colo Colo and Cobresal was over, the list of the white players named to the Chilean team led by Eduardo Berizzo was announced.

Colo Colo had a resounding fall against Cobresal for the ninth date of the National Championship. Situation that entangles him in the standings and full of doubts for his debut in the Copa Libertadores.

Despite the poor performance of the popular cast, two players received important news as they were nominated by Eduardo Berizzo to the Chilean team to play a friendly match against Paraguay as part of the preparations for the start of the World Cup qualifiers. Soccer 2026.

Who are the Colo Colo players nominated for the Chilean national team?

Brayan Cortes and Esteban Pavez They are the white nominees to join the work of La Roja. Both players have been cited constantly by the national trainer and must fight to earn a place among the 11 starters.

Cortés began Berizzo’s process as a starter, but the return of Claudio Bravo makes it difficult for him to start playing. Before Cobresal, the goalkeeper, he lived a sweet and pleasant game. His interventions prevented a bigger rout, but he was directly responsible for the miners’ third goal.

For his part, Pavez began the year with the responsibility of being the captain of the Cacique, he is one of the players with the longest history on the pitch, as indicated by GPS measurements, however, his level, like that of The entire squad is far from the one shown last season.

When does Chile vs. Paraguay play?

The match between Chile and Paraguay will be held next Monday, March 27 at 9:30 p.m. at the Monumental Stadium.

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