Two lists battle in the choice of doctors

A little more than 5,000 health professionals vote today and tomorrow (from 7 to 17) for the partial renewal of the Board of Directors of the Platense Medical Association. This year the struggle between two lists is resumed: the traditional one, which the entity has led for years, but which recently faced harsh negotiations with the officials of the Instituto Obra Médico Asistencial (IOMA), in relation to setting the values ​​of the benefits medical. This is the Medical Unit, Lista Violeta, which leads the neurologist Martín Cesarini as a candidate for president. The list that is presented as an opponent is the Medical Sciences Association, Blue List, whose candidate for president is the specialist in occupational medicine and public management, Idelmar Seillant.

We seek to continue the fight for the medical fee that corresponds to us, modernize the Association with more technology, achieve greater decentralization and be part of the debate on health policies”

martin cesarini
Candidate for Pte. Lista Violeta

The doctors elect a new president, vice president, four regular members, four substitute members, three regular account reviewers and one substitute account reviewer. The polls will be at the headquarters of 6 Nº 1137.

An audit must be carried out, we want to know the details of each investment and how the deficit was generated. It is important that all agreements go through the AMP, so that doctors do not lose “

Idelmart Seillant
Candidate for Pte. Blue List

In this election, with strong crossovers between the competing lists, the issue of IOMA (Instituto Obra Médico Asistencial) was included. The current president of the AMP, Pablo Romero, stated that “there will be a list that will be a continuation of our management, it is the Violeta list, and on the other hand there will be an opposition list, which comes from an IOMA audit sector, and that it is not clear what their intentions are. The main candidate for the Blue list is Seillant, general secretary of the Single Union of Professional Workers and Technicians of the IOMA (Supptioma), who after making various complaints for alleged cases of corruption against authorities of the Institute, in different efforts, was fired the Buenos Aires social work last year and was later reinstated by means of a judicial ruling of the labor jurisdiction.

Cesarini, current secretary of the AMP, indicated that the proposal for the Violet List, which he heads together with the vice-presidential candidate César Fidalgo, has three axes: “modernization and digitization of the AMP; union and administrative decentralization; and that the union be incorporated to the discussion table of health policies of the Province as well as the defense of the free choice of doctor and the fight for medical fees”.

Regarding the modernization, Cesarini explained that “it includes the incorporation of the CRM management tool that will mean an integrated management of care for members, implement a validation platform for consultations and outpatient practices. We have always defended that doctors’ fees be updated according to the evolution of inflation”.


For his part, Seillant, at the helm of the Blue List together with vice-presidential candidate Leonardo Saboredo, said that “we are in opposition to a monarchy that has been in the union for several years, where they have generated a loss in the income of unionized doctors” and added : “We want to know the details of each expense, each investment and how the deficit was generated.” “It is important that all agreements go through the AMP, to avoid direct agreements with clinics in which doctors lose,” Seillant said.

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